Hawktown Blend
A delicious marriage of salty-sweet flavors with a festive kick. Impress your guests with your Seattle pride! Hand made in our custom kettle with just the right amount of flavoring and coloring. This is not a candy coated popcorn. Go Hawks!

Chicago Blend
This is the classic Chicago Blend. It is a great combination of savory cheddar cheese and sweet caramel. It may sound odd, but after your first bite you will be coming back for more! 

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Blend
Are you in the mood for a decadent treat? Salted caramel and chocolate combined into layers of flavors that please all of the taste buds at once! This is a wedding favorite that pairs nicely with wine. 

Classic Cheddar Blend
This is one of the few options with no added sugar. Each fluffy kernel of popcorn is covered with delicious cheddar cheese. A great choice for a savory snack with plenty of flavor. 

Sriracha Blend
Spicy-sweet, another great combination of flavors that excite the taste buds! The taste of sriracha is light but noticeable with a slightly delayed kick of spice enhanced with the salty-sweet base. If you are into trying out new flavors this is the choice for you! 

Classic Caramel Blend
The classic caramel corn is one of the most popular popcorns we make. Evenly coated kernels provide a sweet crunchy shell around each light and fluffy bite. This is a classic favorite that will not disappoint!

Kettle Corn Blend
The original salty and sweet popcorn treat! You will be amazed at the perfect blend of salt and sugar that has made this popcorn a crowd favorite for decades. If you are looking for a traditional option that will impress, this is the choice for you!

Tail-Gate Blend
Much like the Hawk Town blend this is a festive treat of purple and gold that is sweet and salty (also done in a Chicago Blend). This pairs great with beer, bratwurst, and any other tailgating fare. 

Date Night Blend
Watching a movie with a special person (or not lol)? Our delicious buttery popcorn blend is the savory snack that goes great with any movie. Sit back and enjoy this classic favorite.